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Rover RV XT - Dunlop Tires

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Rover RV XT

Features and Benefits

Rugged 4-rib tread design
Deep circumferential grooves
Extra-wide, high-density steel belts
Tread design extends down sidewall
Ventless Mold Technology
Deep tread with minimal tie-barring
Enhanced sidewall styling with outline white letters and a highly serrated band
Advanced 5-element tread design
Dimensionally Stable Polyester (DSP) body plies
Open shoulder with deep lateral grooves
Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) rated for Severe
Snow Conditions
High-profile bead apex
Excellent on- and off-road performance
Channels water away from contact patch for confident control
Ensures full tread contact for confident cornering and
long treadwear
Protection from off-road sidewall scuffing
Clean, finished tread appearance
Maintains appearance throughout its life
Aggressive appearance
Exceptionally quiet ride for an all-terrain tire
Excellent uniformity provides smooth, comfortable ride
Provides powerful M&S-rated traction
Offers excellent winter performance
Delivers precise, predictable steering response

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